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February 2012

Go on ... Nobody would ever know!

Lent Day 4.

Some friends come over for dinner. Dessert looks great but I'm able to calmly refuse it in line with my commitment to giving up sugary foods including chocolates. Our friends bring over a box of beautiful chocolate truffles and my wife suggests that perhaps I could have "just one". I say "no" to demonstrate my commitment.

And then some hours later, I find myself all alone with the opened box ....

The voice of temptation starts up: "Those are really good quality truffles, you love them and you've been really good so far, so go on just have one. Nobody need know!"

Now I have to admit that I went very close to "sneaking" one!

But who am I trying to fool? And why am I doing this whole Lent thing anyway? Nobody else really gives a damn whether I do it or not.

The whole purpose is to demonstrate to myself that I can rise above the temptation.

If I "cheat", then the only person I'm really letting down is me!

The Power of a Decision

It's only early days but I noticed something very interesting yesterday.

Having made the decision to give up sugary food for Lent, I experienced the power of clarity and it was very liberating.

Normally, I would have had a brief tussle between two internal voices.

One would be like a small demanding child saying, "I want to have that!"

The other would be the controlling parent saying, "I shouldn't have that and I don't really need it"

More often than not, the needy demanding child within would win the battle.

Can you resist temptation? Can I?

At the age of 51, I'm about to do something I've never done before. Join me on my journey to see how hard or easy I find it...

I grew up in a family that followed the tenets of Christianity. I recall my dad once giving up meat for Lent (a big step for an Australian farmer who had a plentiful supply of quality fresh beef and lamb!).

Happy Birthday Crowdcube!

With catastrophic failures in the financial system and diminishing trust of big business it is hardly surprising that people are looking at other ways of borrowing, lending, investing and raising capital. Today is the first birthday of Crowdcube, the world's first equity based crowdfunding platform.

If you want to know more, take a look at http://www.crowdcube.com/infographic I love the way they've made investing and raising capital much simpler for people and I hope they go from strength to strength. I say that because I love the concept (and also because I have invested in them myself!)

Don't assume they'll always be there ...

This week I had two significant reasons to connect with the first third of my life.

Firstly, James (my eldest son) turned 17 on Wednesday and I realised that makes him exactly one third of my age!

Secondly, I received a Facebook message that began, "Hi Peter,I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this shocking news ..."

It turns out that my first ever girlfriend from when I was 17 died on Monday. So, of course, a whole bunch of memories came flooding back.

Despite appearing and acting confident externally, I had very low self esteem at 16 years old. So when I found out that Wendy Kelm, this pretty girl with a funny laugh was actually attracted to me, it gave me hope. With some encouragement from her friends, I asked her to "go with me" (which was the expression we used back then!).

Paying Attention: The Best Return On Investment!

In 2005, a client told me I had to put a plastic cover on my takeaway coffee to carry it to our meeting room. To me, the request was ridiculous … and ironic. His employer was BP. Not long before, an explosion and fire at their Texas City refinery had killed 15 people, injured 170. Why worry about someone spilling a bit of coffee?!

In two organisations (both in the oil industry) I have also been asked to hold the rail while walking on the stairs. Like covering the coffee, it seemed like “health and safety” gone mad!

I thought to myself, “I’m not a child; I don’t need to be told what to do!”

It was the attitude of a defiant teenager.

Then last year, I finally got the lesson. I was a bit slow to learn. In fact, it took me TWO injuries to REALLY get it!.