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Several years ago I attended a conference and was impressed by a talk given by one of the speakers (who I will refer to as John) on the first night. The next morning, I found myself sitting at the breakfast table with John and another person whom I knew.


"In meetings, you sometimes say things that don't need to be said."

The day I received that feedback was a big turning point for me. I made a decision to be more aware of my motives for speaking: Was it mainly about justification (of my presence in the meeting, or even the team), or was it mainly about contribution (to the greater good of all concerned)? Every time I could see it was primarily about justification, I chose to remain silent until I could find a better way to make a real contribution.

This practice is good for all of us but it seems women have some additional challenges.


As a professional speaker, I enjoy engaging with the perspective brought by audience members. Sometimes their input actually reminds me of things to include next time.

Last night speaking at a CIMA event, I described the two essential elements for having a secure career (we all know secure jobs are a thing of the past!).

Thanks to a comment from the back of the room I will now talk about the three essential elements ...


There is a quote from Wayne Dyer that I love:
"No-one knows enough to be pessimistic"

On those days when I start frightening myself by thinking about a problem as if it can NEVER be solved, I find solace in remembering other times when I felt that way and then a solution appeared, sometimes from an unexpected source. Recently I've noticed a lot of this happening.


It was a defining moment I shall never forget.


I hate failure. Always have. Now I'm accepting that it is happening regularly in my attempts to make a significant change.

I'm realising that awareness is the first step and so I'm learning to be patient but persistent.


As I write this, it is only 51 weeks until Christmas! I find it amusing that whenever you point out that the next Christmas is rushing towards us, most adults say "Oh don't remind me!"
Whilst most children get excited about it, most adults see it as stressful. Why?