Go on ... Nobody would ever know!

Lent Day 4.

Some friends come over for dinner. Dessert looks great but I'm able to calmly refuse it in line with my commitment to giving up sugary foods including chocolates. Our friends bring over a box of beautiful chocolate truffles and my wife suggests that perhaps I could have "just one". I say "no" to demonstrate my commitment.

And then some hours later, I find myself all alone with the opened box ....

The voice of temptation starts up: "Those are really good quality truffles, you love them and you've been really good so far, so go on just have one. Nobody need know!"

Now I have to admit that I went very close to "sneaking" one!

But who am I trying to fool? And why am I doing this whole Lent thing anyway? Nobody else really gives a damn whether I do it or not.

The whole purpose is to demonstrate to myself that I can rise above the temptation.

If I "cheat", then the only person I'm really letting down is me!

I'm not pretending I won't be tempted again. (Even as I think about that box downstairs right now, I can feel my mouth watering!)

It was only Day 4, but I'm pleased to have stuck with the commitment thus far.

Do you ever feel tempted to do something that violates your own standards if you believe that "nobody need ever know"? (I know from experience how easy this is!)

Before you rationalise it to yourself, remember that at least one person WILL know, and that is you!

Actions speak louder than words. How are you letting your actions define your character and your destiny?


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