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Testimonials - Career Success

Peter helped me make some choices earlier in my career. He was insightful, empathetic and effective. In fact, I have used some of Peter's techniques with my own staff, to great effect! High praise indeed.

Marc O'Brien, CIO

I thoroughly enjoyed my work with Peter and found his advice and guidance invaluable during an important transition period in my career. Peter has excellent technical knowledge combined with an empathetic approach. He really gets to know his clients and works with them on a holistic basis.

Deborah McBrearty - Transaction Risk Insurance Manager

Peter is a superb executive coach and a far-sighted and visionary individual. He has helped me to develop both in my career and change my attitudes towards life in general. He has been a friend, a hard task master and a teller of the truth - the latter of which he does not shy away from! It is amazing how powerful the truth can be and Peter delivers it in a way that is palatable with stories from his own life and life experiences.

Tim Barkey - Marketing Director

Peter is a very experienced talent coach who has been a valuable asset in supporting my own personal career development and aspirations. Peter remains a close counsel and continues to offer the right advice at the right time.

Dominic Lowe - Senior Vice President

After the company in which I was a manager closed their UK operation, I found myself seeking a new role in the middle of a major economic downturn!

In all my years of working, I’ve never been in this situation before and felt concerned about being able to locate and win a role that would be both appropriate and fulfilling.

I can confidently say that it was your great advice that enabled me to find and secure an unadvertised position that I have found extremely enjoyable and rewarding over this past year. Thank you!

Phil Gardiner - Operations Director

Peter worked with me between 2008 and 2010 to provide advice on career progression and development. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Peter and found his guidance useful throughout the period.

Nimesh Kamath - Director

Working with Peter was a very enjoyable, though stretching, process. He never let me sit back to rest on my laurels, but constantly challenged my thought processes, supporting me to think outside the box and my accepted norms! I highly recommend Peter to anyone with the will to go beyond the status quo.

Bee Chew - Partner

I moved to New Zealand for family reasons, which unfortunately coincided with a worldwide economic recession. Having had the pleasure of working with Peter in the UK, I read his book with great interest. I am happy to say that it has helped me to secure a position in a great firm and location, at a time when there is minimal recruitment activity.

Colin Copeland - Director

I found Peter to be an insightful and perceptive psychologist. We worked on my personal interaction experiences and how to work with colleagues of similar and opposite personality types. His assistance proved very useful in my career development, his confidential handling of issues was to be commended and his empathy and perception as to the base line issues was very much appreciated.

Peter Dean - Director

Peter has provided me with some extremely valuable career advice and guidance over the last 6 months which has seen me moving up as well as improving my work life balance. If you have the opportunity to go to one of Peter's courses or have 1 to 1 time with him, take it!

John Probert - Country Brand Lead

I worked with Peter on a stakeholder management session organised via London JCI. He expertly facilitated the sessions to focus in on individuals' issues and challenges ensuring that each participant was taking away learning specific to their context. It was a very positive experience and I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter for anyone looking to enhance their career performance.

Graeme Wilson - Director of Resource and Delivery

I recently engaged Peter to provide coaching support in my project management role at Nationwide. I was very impressed with his personable approach, his detailed analysis, insight into practical implementable solutions and the provision of back up support to help embed the changes I needed to make. Thanks to Peter, I feel I am better equipped to face the challenges of delivering change in a large organisation and I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Steve Shrigley - Project Manager

Peter has been an awesome coach for me. He has provided me with some vital tools that I will be able to use and adapt throughout my future career.

Sam Mattey - Associate Director

I had the good fortune to work with Peter as part of outplacement support when I was made redundant. His wide range of skills provided valuable support to me from leaving one company right through to starting a new role with another. Peter helped me with practical tools essential in my job search along with challenge and support while I reviewed my career path and the way forward. His advice was invaluable, effective and much appreciated.

Denise Tait - Project Manager