Bringing A New Person Into The Firm (Lessons from Kate & Wills)

Tomorrow, watched by over 2 billion people, Kate Middleton officially commences her new life as a member of the British Royal Family. There is a sense of optimism that this marriage will be more successful than the one that emerged from the "fairytale wedding" of Charles and Diana 30 years ago. I'd like to suggest that there are powerful lessons that can be applied to the process of having people accept a new job within an organisation.

Recently I met with a client who recruited a new team member with a view to this person being a potential successor. What appeared to be a great "marriage" has thus far proved to be a disappointment for all concerned. There are many reasons for this but it highlights why a successful marriage (whether to a prince or to an organisation) requires a bit more forethought and attention than the fairytales would suggest.