Testimonials - Inner Circle Programme

Be prepared for a year where you’re pushed to really establish what you want to work on in your life, and then supported and held to account for making this happen! From my involvement in the Inner Circle, I have enhanced my self-awareness, self-confidence and ability to bring my goals into reality. This is thanks not only to the two coaches leading the programme, but to the other participants who have helped me see myself through their eyes. A fantastic journey which will stay with me for life!”

Clare Lindsay, Relationship Director

“My learning from the Inner Circle Programme has had immediate and practical applications in every aspect of my life. The leaders are brilliant: Peter and Maggie are so passionate about the material that you cannot help but get excited by their energy and commitment. I would definitely rate this at the top of my all my learning experiences.”

Danny Lane - Project Manager

“At the time I was accepted onto the Inner Circle Programme, I was feeling that I had reached a plateau in my development. I had an aspiration of making a step change in both my career and personal life, however I didn’t know what it looked like or where I needed to focus. The programme has given me this on more levels than I could have imagined. There is no doubt that I could not have achieved such a degree of change both professionally and personally on my own in under a year and I put that down to the people and the programme content.”

Nicola Dunne - Chief Procurement Officer

“The Inner Circle Programme offers something that is quite rare in the corporate world: a trusting, safe environment where people feel totally free to be open and authentic. I have gained a broader perspective by being part of a diverse group of leaders, and in less than 12 months, my confidence, self-awareness, knowledge and leadership skills have moved to a whole new level. I feel privileged to have been part of this.”

Tim Barkey - Head of Brand Marketing

“The Inner Circle Programme has been an excellent investment of time and money. Not only have I gained exposure to the ideas, experiences and perspectives of a diverse group of leaders, but I’ve also valued having 1:1 time with professional and peer coaches to explore the options and actions regarding my personal career goals and development. Participating has made me even more effective with communication and personal impact and I have also noticed a significant shift in other participants in the programme.”

Nicola Marsh - Vice President, Head of European Business Development

“The Inner Circle has been an incredibly powerful group over the past year. It provided a fun, safe environment where we could trial ideas and techniques amongst the group and get real time feedback and so much more. The most ringing testament to the success of the group is the fact a group of VERY busy individuals have become friends, and make the effort to attend every event and on time - which in this day and age is remarkable!”

Dan Cameron - Performance Director