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Testimonials - Leadership Transformation

As a successful Marketing Director for a multimillion pound telecoms business, I came to value Peter’s coaching skills as we worked together. I now run and own a marketing advertising agency and I can look back 6 years and see how Peter's support and challenge contributed to my progression. Along the way, I have become a more successful leader, able to create better results for me, the business and the employees. Peter’s passion for helping individuals and businesses to grow, connect and succeed has made a real difference to me.

Will Freeborough - Managing Partner, Orchestra

I received executive coaching from Peter several years ago and about to take on a significant new business leadership role. His professional input helped me to grow in confidence, become more grounded, and focus more upon others. Not only did my performance delivery increase, but I have continued to use some of his techniques and frameworks to mentor others, clarify my values and deliver results. I was also a member of the Inner Circle Programme and greatly valued this opportunity to share reflections with business people from other industries and companies, and to discuss themes like: impact in the board room, increasing authority as a woman; home/work life balance and choosing the right career path.

Alex Jensen - Regional Executive, SVP (UK, France, Turkey, China), BP

Peter was hired by my company to provide me with ‘executive coaching’ on my promotion to the management board. I must confess I was a little sceptical about the need for this at first. Yet I very quickly realised that Peter brought with him tremendous insight. He helped me to understand the political dynamics of my new world & how to utilise my own strengths to achieve my goals. Therefore I would happily recommend Peter.

Brad Walker - Managing Director, BOC Medical

When I was National Manager Commercial Services at Origin Energy, I engaged Peter in 1998 to coach 2 people who were coasting, but who I thought had untapped talent. Peter worked closely with them over a period of 6 months, taking them through a structured process designed to reveal their talent. The outcome was outstandingly successful. The career of both of them has blossomed, achieving success that would not have been possible without Peter

Jon Gilbert - Business Owner

I undertook a company sponsored executive coaching programme with Peter in 2002. He helped me to clarify my objectives, probing what I really wanted and needed to achieve from the programme ensuring that both I and the company got good value from the time spent. Peter's perception and his ability to (nicely) ask those slightly uncomfortable questions meant that I gained a much greater insight into my own motivations as well as practical behavioural tactics to help me in my career development.

Janice Banks - CEO, ACRE

Peter created some real breakthough moments with his clients at BAA. He is a well developed coach with a strong intuitive style to make things work for others. He has an empathy which people are drawn to and is recognised as an expert in his field.

Sue Blight - Learning and Development Manager, Dairy Crest (Formerly at BAA)

Peter's coaching and support were invaluable in helping me make a successful transition from Manager to Director in an extremely challenging environment. My sessions with him have also had a great impact on my life outside work, where new possibilities for success have opened up where they didn't exist before. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who wants to be more effective and successful in all aspects of their life.

Sarah Archer - HR Director, RCUK SSC Ltd

Peter has a wide broad understanding of his subject area and different industries and situations. I have found his ability to apply conceptual models with relevant context highly valuable as well as his general council and feedback. I have also been impressed with the personal nature of the feedback and work plan and truly believe that Peter builds these around the people he is working with on a unique basis.

Andrew Till - SVP Solutions Marketing, Teleca

Peter and I have kept in touch since working together 15 years ago. I regularly refer Peter to my clients and regard him as trustworthy, and a provider of high value services. Peter is on the leading edge of leadership development and adds great value to organisations as a speaker, adviser, mentor, or all three.

Ian Berry - CEO, Remacue

Peter was my coach after I was promoted to mid tier management and he really helped me adapt to this new role and set goals and deal with the challenges that came with this role. He was a great support and I would hire him again.

Joanne Kelly - Partner, Manches

Peter was my executive coach at Vodafone while I was adjusting to a challenging new role, and subsequently as that role in turn evolved. He showed me different ways to understand my value to the organisation, and helped to integrate work and life for me. He's a great communicator, always ready to ask the difficult question and use a variety of techniques to produce great outcomes.

Rob Lees - Managing Partner, 4C Associates

Peter worked with me as a coach in 2005-6 and has worked on my behalf since with two of my team and with clients. He is a talented, perceptive and enthusiastic coach.

Fiona Hotston Moore - Partner, Crowe Clark Whitehill

I have known Peter for approximately 10 Years. I have witnessed his skills as a coach, a colleague and a public speaker. Peter brings enormous depth to his work through his incomparable ability to display empathy, compassion, humour and humanity in all he does. A unique thinker, an intelligent strategist and a thoroughly challenging individual, he is always honest and more than any other coach I have known, will not stop until he feels each individual has explored their potential to the full. A passionate believer in the need to develop the next generation of leaders, I could not recommend his work highly enough and feel privileged to work with him. And…by the way…if you need a speaker on all issues related to personal leadership…he must be your first port of call. He is certainly mine and has been successful in multiple cultures and communities. Peter is unique. Anyone who works with him is truly fortunate.

Penny Webb - Founder, Familias & Company

Peter has a clear passion for Leadership and People Development. His approach is very creative and delivers results and his contribution to organisations through his coaching, is driven by his commitment to create a breakthrough with people's capability and direction.

Sue Barlow - Transformation Director, Network Rail

I received coaching from Peter as part of a 2-year senior leadership development course sponsored by the Cabinet Office. Peter went out of his way to find strategies which not only would be helpful to me, but were compatible with my learning style. As a result, the coaching element became one of the most rewarding parts of the programme.

Peter has great empathy and his mix of personable approach, genuine interest and a strong background in psychology enabled him to employ the right degree of challenge, understanding, motivation and encouragement to contribute towards my development.

I am indebted to him for the support he provided and for being available beyond the call of duty. He has made a positive difference to the way I do things now.

Fahmia Huda

Peter is an effective leadership coach who is able to help an individual achieve a real outcome in leadership and management performance. I had coaching sessions with Peter during my time as Head of Engineering at Wessex Trains. The role for me, at that time, was a step-up into a senior management position in an unfamiliar environment and Peter's sessions helped me to understand where my habits and behaviors could be changed to improve my effectiveness in the company. Over the course of several months I was able to understand my leadership and management norms and take steps to change certain key behaviors, improving both my confidence and my ability to perform in my role. I found Peter's approach to be extremely useful and would recommend him as a professional coach.

Jason Groombridge - Senior Project Manager, ETCS Onboard Systems at RailCorp

Peter and I first met soon after I had become CEO of The Key Revolution Ltd. Peter's ability to quickly grasp what is going on at a business, professional and personal level is very impressive. I came to know him as someone with a wealth of real world experience and deep empathy. Peter is a leader in his own field and came highly recommended to me and as such I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him either.

Adrian Burholt - Founding Director, Jam ICT Ltd

I was a sceptic of what I could get out of coaching…. thinking it was a fad that the company was pushing. From the outside it sounded a bit self-indulgent… a tad narcissistic. But, I figured that anyone can up their game, so I gave it a go. By asking the right questions, and probing some uncomfortable touch points, Peter helped me to better see where I was, and what I needed to do to be more effective. Then I did most of what I needed to do. I walked away from the experience being more focused and I interacted with my colleagues with greater confidence. I benefited. The company benefited.

Stephen Koller - EVP, IT, Menzies Aviation

Peter is extremely intuitive and will uncover issues quickly. He works with individuals and organisations to encourage transformation, making sure that the process is challenging but respectful. When you work with Peter you don't forget him - for the right reasons!

Barbara Elliott - HR Director, Baxter Healthcare

I worked with Peter as a business coach/mentor a number of years ago. Peter's process of self-reflection, discussion and the implementation (and follow-up) of a personal action plan achieves the desired results. His insight and systematic approach to identifying issues that impede a person's professional development have helped me deal with people and situations more effectively. I certainly recommend Peter to people looking to develop confidence and push through their comfort zone.

Greg Meredith - Group Manager, Treasury & Planning, Envestra Ltd

Peter has worked with me as a business coach and mentor at various times over the past 6 years. He has a great knack of making you come up with your own answers by deft probing and questions. I would recommend him as a business coach and consultant to any executive or business looking to grow their people.

James Baughan - Head of Field Sales, Santander Business

Working with Peter was very beneficial for me as I transitioned into my new role. His direct style challenged me to constantly review my priorities and to get on and do the right things.

Deborah Brady - General Manager Baxter BV, The Netherlands

I first started working with Peter in 2004 at a time when our business was undergoing a generational change and seeking to develop a more effective approach to management and teamwork. For me, he was an invaluable confidential sounding board who has a knack for helping people consider various alternative scenarios, develop clarity about the best way forward, and commit to productive action.

Without hesitation I would recommend working with Peter and am grateful for all that he has done for me and the company

Richard Andrew - Managing Director, Hargreaves

Peter supported me by working as my Executive Coach. During this time, I gained a huge amount from his insights and expertise. Peter has a very personable style and is easily able to adapt to any situation, bringing with him impeccable listening skills and a large variety of both academic and practical models on which to base his recommendations.

Like all great coaches, Peter does not prescribe but instead works with the individual to develop the right solution to the issue or opportunity identified. I was particularly impressed with how we were able to tailor my programme and also how Peter was able to take insights from a range of my stakeholders; building this comprehensive and unique 'picture' then helped shape the areas that we agreed to work upon.

I have already recommended Peter to a number of people who I believe would benefit from working with him.

Andrew F Smith - Head of Procurement, People & Logistics, Royal Mail

I benefitted enormously from Peter working with me as my Executive Coach. His insight, energy and depth of practical expertise helped bring greater clarity to my strategic thinking and goal setting. Peter made a vital contribution to my development within Coller Capital, particularly my promotion to Partner.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Peter's services to others.

Paul Koffel - Partner, Coller Capital

I was lucky enough to have Peter as an Executive Coach for a couple of years and I found our regular sessions to be invaluable in encouraging my best behaviours and identifying my weaknesses. Peter's ability to cut to the real underlying issues and develop constructive solutions is excellent. Peter is also highly personable (for an Australian....) and a great business contact that I will certainly remain in touch with.

I look forward to our next chance to work together and heartily recommend him as a business partner.

Mike Gahan - Group Finance Director, Hedgelane Ltd

Peter has provided expert support to Rolls-Royce in developing a new flagship development programme for high potential leaders. In doing so Peter has been able to work effectively as an external consultant whilst seamlessly integrating into the project team. Peter is highly conscientious as well as flexible and does what is necessary to ensure a great outcome regardless of the task.

As a bonus it has also been an enjoyable personal education working with Peter and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him.

Dave Szabo - Development Consultant, Rolls-Royce plc

Peter is an excellent coach who I use as a sounding board on a myriad of issues. A wise individual, I always learn something when I am with him and I know many others who feel the same.

Nick Hedley - Partner, Hedley May

I was very lucky to have Peter as my business coach while I was at AMI, and found the whole experience changed my perspective on work and life. Peter helped me enormously in finding new perspectives and context to what was a difficult job. I learned a lot, about business, people and myself, and I hope I will work again with him again. If you're looking for an Executive Coach, Peter is your man.

Angus Gow - CTO, Avtura Ltd

I was lucky enough to work with Peter on a Leadership Development course provided by my employer last year.

His passion and enthusiasm came across in spades. This, combined with his innovative approach, got both me and the rest of the group really thinking about our careers and future opportunities as business leaders. Peter was keen to ensure he built a personal relationship with each of us on the course and has been interested in following up with our progress since the course finished.

I would highly recommend Peter for leadership development workshops and coaching.

Jen Rogers - Regional Purchasing Manager, Rolls-Royce

Peter's knowledge and experience working in and with corporate culture, combined with his experience as a psychologist, enables him to have and share valuable insights on developing as a corporate leader. Peter asks powerful, insightful questions which probe at the heart of behaviours and situations, leading to powerful insights. His passion is seeing others learn, grow and fulfill their potential.

Michelle Witton - Independent Compliance Consultant & Lawyer, Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation PLC

Peter is a highly skilled career coach, with strong listening skills. He is engaging and personable with a direct approach, which ensures he relates to and understands both the person and the issues. He is not afraid to challenge and is always constructive and forthright.

Peter provided me with numerous tools which I still use many years later and he was instrumental in supporting my career development at an important time.

Blair O'Keeffe - Chief Executive Officer, CentrePort Limited

Peter led the delivery of a Professional Development course at my employer, Rolls-Royce, that I attended. The course was diverse, and prompted us to look at ourselves in a searching way that other leadership courses do not touch on. Our approaches to presentation and inter-personal interactions were assessed, and advice given to each attendee individually as to how to improve both technique and confidence. The course also gave the opportunity to meet with other successful senior leaders from both outside and inside of Rolls-Royce. This gave us not only the contacts within our own cohort, but also at higher levels.

Peter followed up on the course to see how our careers were progressing and how we were integrating the learning into our working day. This was very valuable, as learning reinforcement makes the initial course worth while. I find that the benefit increase as time goes by, as I get better at integrating what Peter taught into my working day.

Peter provided an excellent course that is proving to have an increasing benefit as time goes by. The impact on my working life continues to accrue and I look forward to more re-caps that keep me progressing.

Ian Griffin - Engineering Manager, Rolls-Royce

I have worked with Peter now for over 3 years. He has provided insightful and valuable coaching support to me in my leadership role of a large business, in particular with regards getting the best out of teams. I recommend Peter.

Neale Smither - Head of Retail & Supply, BP Oil UK

Passionate and professional. Wise and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Peter as an Executive Coach. I wish I had met him much earlier in my career. Give him a go!

John Benias - Head of Internal Audit, Aldermore Bank PLC

Peter worked with me at Rolls-Royce in 2013 to deliver a significant career development programme for a key population of emerging talent in the organisation. Peter brought with him energy, passion and deep subject matter expertise and experience. The programme was a huge success and evidence of sustained learning and relationships internally and externally is testament to Peter's contribution. I would not hesitate to work with Peter again.

Louise Roy - Customer Experience Programme Manager, Homebase