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Peter Milligan

Peter Milligan


Here are the 3 P’s about Peter Milligan.

1. Personal

I’m Australian and have been living in the UK for 15 years. I am now 54 (although in my imagination, I’m about 39!). I’m married to Jane and our youngest son, Matthew (13), lives with us in Gloucester, while our other son, James (19), is studying engineering at university.

2. Professional

There are two aspects. One I’m proud of. The other, less so.

Both are highly relevant to the value I now bring to people and organisations.

The bright side of my story so far...

After an early career as an IT professional, I retrained as an organisational psychologist and, in the early 1990s, joined the management team of a leading HR consulting and recruitment firm in Australia.

In addition to developing skills in recruitment, psychometric profiling and career development, I was amongst the first in that country to develop and deliver executive coaching programmes for corporate clients.

After moving to the UK in 2000, I became a director of Europe's largest executive coaching firm. Over a five year period, I contributed to the continuous improvement of coaching practices, providing professional supervision as well as designing and leading the induction / training programme for coaches joining the firm.

I contributed to the book, 10 Things That Keep CEOs Awake, and regularly write and speak on leadership, communication and career success.

In 2005, I established New Generation Leaders in line with my commitment to transforming emerging leaders. More recently I wrote an eBook called How to Make That Next Great Career Move.

Organisations I have served include: Amcor, Arriva, Australia Post, AXA,
BAA, BAE Systems, Baxter Healthcare, BOC, BP, Britax, Cabinet Office,
Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Ernst & Young, First Group, NATS, NHS,
Kerry Foods, Knight Frank, Manches, Mazars, Morgan Stanley, Motorola,
Nationwide, Novartis, Origin Energy, RBS, Rolls-Royce, Royal Mail, Rydges,
Scion Films, Smiths Group, Vodafone, Wilder Coe, WHSmith, and Y&R.

Looking back, it is nice to know that my support and challenge has enabled hundreds of people in Australia and the UK to produce positive changes and results that would not have otherwise happened so quickly. Or at all…

And the other side of my story...

In my early 30s, I entered a new world that represented opportunity ... and danger. Outwardly I seemed quite successful... Inwardly I was struggling.

Having completed psychology studies at University, I felt excited and privileged to be offered a role with a top HR consulting firm where I could complete my training as an organisational psychologist.

However, I soon realised that having to sell and deliver professional services to senior executives in the corporate world was very different territory for me.
Up until this point I had grown up on a farm, been a computer programmer,
a backpacker, and then a full time university student!

To add to the challenge, I was then put in charge of a division and required to lead a team and manage a profit centre for the first time in my life. I really liked the idea of having the role but in truth, I wasn’t much of a leader or manager. I was really just a technical specialist with a management title.

As the youngest and least experienced member of the management team, I felt like a fraud, an imposter waiting to be found out! Although determined to succeed, I was terrified of failure. (I later came to realise how common this feeling is!)

In parallel, I was also entering new territory in my personal life. Adjusting to being married, starting a family and organising the design and build of a new home added to the financial, emotional and time pressures I felt.

I didn’t relish having to change but soon realised that to succeed, I would have to wake up and grow up!

Painful at times, the experience is one I will never forget. It is a driver behind my desire to support and accelerate the development of emerging leaders.

3. Purpose

Put simply, I help people have more success with less stress.

The journey from my late 20s to early 40s was incredibly challenging but also very educational. My story underpins the work that I am so passionate about.

I have enormous empathy for emerging leaders needing to navigate through this critical phase of their lives. It is typically a time of great demands, personally and professionally. In so many ways, it is a time of great opportunity and danger, and it is important to make the most of it.

I bring my constantly evolving skills, knowledge and experience to clients who want to get better results in less time with less wasted energy.

That is why I set up New Generation Leaders and continue to research, write, and speak about the transformation of emerging leaders.

It is the reason I work with people who want to enjoy career success while making a positive difference.