Peter Milligan

Peter grew up on a farm 180 miles north of Melbourne in Australia. It was a great start in life but farming wasn't for him.

After his first few years of working (as a commercial computer programmer), he took a year out to travel the world. Around this time he realised he was far more enthusiastic about people development than software development.

After full-time university, he qualified as an organisational psychologist and joined a leading HR consultancy. He gained experience in executive recruitment, psychometric profiling, consultancy, training, and outplacement.

Fast promotion into management helped Peter painfully discover how much there was to learn about leadership! At the same time, he also discovered his talent as a coach/mentor to other leaders: insightful, supportive, and willing to challenge.

He empathises with every single leader who, having stepped up, quietly struggles and sometimes feels like a fraud waiting to be found out.

Bringing to you the practical applications of psychology

Peter's approach is simple:

Provide people with powerful insights and useful tools for working with human psychology and culture. That way, they can confidently deliver results while fully enjoying their work and life

Meet the associates

Shared values. Broad experience. Complementary Skills.

Maggie Eyre

Maggie is a international presentation skills trainer and author with over 25 years experience in theatre, television, public relations and training. Creative, energetic and enthusiastic, Maggie helps people progress to greater personal and corporate success. She is the author of Speak in Public with Confidence and is best known for the coaching and presentation skills work she undertook with Helen Clark, before she became New Zealand’s Prime Minister.

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Captain America

Nick Watling

Nick is an internationally experienced expert in leadership, team and organisation development. His consulting experience including senior roles at Heidrick & Struggles and Oliver Wyman Delta. Through his work with boards, CEOs and senior executives, Nick has helped shape organisational, cultural and behavioural change in companies of all sizes in countries such as the UK, USA, UAE, Australia, France, Hungary, Spain and Italy.

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Sue Ingram

Sue is an author, speaker and specialist facilitator for difficult conversations in the workplace. She brings deep experience in HR (private and public sector) and executive coaching, and was an Honorary Teaching Fellow at Lancaster University for 10 years with projects for SMEs and their World Class Leaders program. Her workshop, Leading Difficult People, was part of their International MBA Program for 4 years. Her book Fire Well - How to fire staff so they thank you was published in 2015.

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We explore the blockers and enablers of
human potential: our own and other people's.

If you'd rather avoid new insights into yourself and others, we are not the right people for you.


We believe in helping people and organisations to be more than just self-serving entities in the world.

If you are not interested in helping anyone except yourself, we are not the best people to help you.


Courageous does NOT mean fearless. Courage is acknowledging vulnerability and taking action anyway.

If you honestly think you can avoid vulnerability on your quest for success, we won't be able to help you.

Encouraging Transformation

Peter is extremely intuitive and will uncover issues quickly. He works with individuals and organisations to encourage transformation, making sure that the process is challenging but respectful. When you work with Peter you don't forget him - for the right reasons!

Barbara Elliott, HR Director, Baxter Healthcare

How can we help?

A conversation with us will simply be focused on you and your needs.

No hard sell. No false promises. Only a helpful discussion and possible options for you to consider.

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