Employee Engagement

Why do people go to work?

There was a manager who, when asked how many people worked at his company, replied, "About half."

This story highlights a sad and costly reality. A lot of people are only turning up at work because they need the money and perhaps for some social contact.

When surveys repeatedly show that the majority of people don't particularly enjoy their work, it tells business owners and leaders that they have some work of their own to do ...

(Well, only if they want to attract and retain talent, and have teams of motivated, innovative and productive people!)

How we Make a Difference

There are many reasons why people may not be as engaged as they could be. Having worked with people across a wide range of industries and professions, we are familiar with the common ones.

Sometimes it is personal (e.g. an individual is simply in the wrong kind of job or organisation for them).

However, in our experience, a lot of it is related to the quality of communication and leadership. That can be substantially improved with our coaching work.

And now, we can do even more for you.

You see, business owners and leaders are not always tuned in to the aspirations, frustrations and potential contributions of their people. The cost is lost talent, innovation and productivity.
This can now be fixed thanks to some leading edge technology.

By partnering with Engagement Multiplier we enable you to build a dashboard with regular quality information revealing the vital signs of organsational engagement every 90 days. After all, you can only improve the things you can see, measure and monitor!

Contact us if you would like an obligation-free trial which includes a valuable report on current engagement levels in your organisation.


Businesses with the most engaged employees
were found to be 18% more productive


Engaged employees are 20 times
more likely to be innovative at work


Engaged employees miss 43% fewer days
of work due to illness

Achieves the desired results

I worked with Peter as a business coach/mentor in Australia while at Origin Energy many years ago. His process of self-reflection, discussion and the implementation (and follow-up) of a personal action plan achieves the desired results. Peter's insight and systematic approach to identifying issues that impede a person's professional development have helped me deal with people and situations more effectively. I certainly recommend Peter to people looking to develop confidence and push through their comfort zone.

Greg Meredith, Group Treasurer, APA Group

How can we help?

A conversation with us will simply be focused on you and your needs.

No hard sell. No false promises. Only a helpful discussion and possible options for you to consider.

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