Leadership Skills

The Essence of Success

Leadership can mean the difference between success and failure.

Leaders directly affect:
- Communication;
- Decision Making;
- Employee Engagement; and
- Learning.

Imagine raising the quality of these in your organisation.
How much more value could be released?

Let's be clear: Leadership is not a position ... it's a dispostion.
How we are "being" impacts the effectiveness of our "doing."

And for those who manage people directly or indirectly,
things get easier with good leadership skills.

How we Make a Difference

There are thousands of books and courses on leadership.
They offer valuable insights and ideas.

What really counts is in the day to day applications at work.
Coaching is the magic ingredient in Leadership Development.

We help leaders invest time in the powerful cycle of action and reflection. This accelerates learning, for themselves and others.

Our coaching provides high quality attention and the right balance of support and challenge.

And the best part? We help people quickly discover and apply the small simple changes that can make a BIG difference.


of employees would forgo a substantial payrise
to see their direct manager fired


Most executives say keeping new hires
is an issue in their organizations


Almost three quarters of employees
do not trust their manager

Performance Delivery and More

I received executive coaching from Peter several years ago as I was about to take on a significant new business leadership role. His professional input helped me to grow in confidence, become more grounded, and focus more upon others. Not only did my performance delivery increase, but I have continued to use some of his techniques and frameworks to mentor others, clarify my values and deliver results.

We also covered impact in the board room, increasing authority as a woman; home/work life balance and choosing the right career path.

Alex Jensen, VP Retail Europe and CMO Fuels

Creating better results for all

As a successful Marketing Director for a multimillion pound telecoms business, I came to value Peter’s coaching skills as we worked together. I now run and own a marketing advertising agency and I can look back 6 years and see how Peter's support and challenge contributed to my progression. Along the way, I have become a more successful leader, able to create better results for me, the business and the employees. Peter’s passion for helping individuals and businesses to grow, connect and succeed has made a real difference to me.

Will Freeborough, Co-Founder and Director, Orchestra

How can we help?

A conversation with us will simply be focused on you and your needs.

No hard sell. No false promises. Only a helpful discussion and possible options for you to consider.

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