• Inspirational Speaking

Inspirational Speaking

It's amazing how words can change your world.

Have you ever heard a story or a single, simple idea that shifted your whole outlook and changed your life for the better?

As a speaker, Peter Milligan puts in the time and energy to consistently deliver these experiences for his audiences.

It's been said that, "Psychology is common-sense dressed up in fancy language." Too often, value is lost in unnecessary complexity.

As a business psychologist, Peter shows how simple + fun + memorable = useful.

His intention:
1. Wake people up to potential and possibilities
2. Inspire them to take practical steps that make their lives work better.

Speaking Topics

Peter Milligan brings to his audiences simple yet powerful insights into what makes individuals, teams and organisations succeed, struggle or fail.

Here are three of his popular topics:

Organisational Politics & Power

Whether we see them or not, there are powerful forces at play every day in the workplace. Like electricity, these forces can help or harm us.

Discover simple but effective ways to understand and work with power so that it serves the individual, the team and the organisation.

People will come away from this session inspired to think differently about power, politics and psychology in organisational life.

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Embracing Change
in Uncertain Times

"Things are getting better & better, and worse & worse, faster & faster."

Tom Atlee's quote sums up the challenge of leading in a fast changing, complex, and confusing world.

Many people feel highly stressed by it all, and yet others seem to be able to stay calm and confident amidst the uncertainty. Are they naive and deluded? Or do they simply have a better way of seeing things?

This session is designed to challenge your assumptions about change, certainty, and control.

Take a different perspective on change,
and your whole experience changes ... for the better!

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Stepping Up, Not Tripping Up
- Success for Emerging Leaders

Career success and organisational effectiveness are enhanced when emerging leaders have the right type of support and challenge to make a smooth transition from technical specialist to manager and leader.

Whether you are stepping up into a bigger role yourself, or a senior leader looking to promote and develop leadership talent, knowing the classic traps, and how to avoid them, will save time, money and energy.

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Upcoming Events

Peter Milligan will be speaking at the following:

University of Oxford

MSc Clinical Trials Residential Week

19 & 22 September, 2023

Leadership Programme

CIMA Conference


18 October, 2023

Realising Your Leadership Potential

The Growth Hub


8 November, 2023

The Magic of Leadership workshop


Less than one third of people
would actually say they enjoy their work


Most executives say keeping new hires
is an issue in their organizations


Almost three quarters of employees
do not trust their manager

Perfectly pitched to the audience

Peter presented to the Women in Business group for CPA Australia in London on 'Organisational Politics and Power'. Peter's presentation was perfectly pitched to the audience, highly engaging and well received by the audience of 50+. Feedback from delegates was that his presentation was clear and concise, full of practical advice and takeaways. Delegates found Peter to be engaging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and found the relevant practical examples extremely helpful.

Thank you Peter. We would love to have you back to present again!

Kristy Eden-Green, Finance Director, Head of FP&A EMEA, State Street

A refreshing proactive approach

Peter was a speaker at our annual sales conference. I must say it was fantastic and extremely informative. Peter really engages with the audience and brings a refreshing proactive approach which really makes you think. I left the conference that day with a renewed outlook, not only impacting my day to day life but also most importantly my working career. Peter's session was very inspirational and I would highly recommend him as a speaker.

Stuart Davies, Operations Manager, Chartwell Healthcare

Highly recommended

'Inspiring and charismatic' are the two words that spring to mind when I think of Peter. I had the pleasure of meeting Peter at a CIMA conference at the University of Nottingham where he was a guest speaker. Very engaging conversationalist and motivational speaker. I was in awe at his ability to command a room and mesmerise the listener, even when given the unenvious task of delivering his speech in the last slot of the day, to a room full of management accountants who'd devoured a heavy lunch! Highly recommended & would definitely jump at the chance to hear Peter speak again.

Marie Wilson-Knight, Professional Interim ACMA: Project, Commercial, FBP

Inspiring speaker

Peter recently ran two sessions as part of a new manager induction course, which included effective leadership skills, managing change and decision-making. Evaluations of Peter’s sessions evidenced how inspiring he is as a speaker, and how much people gained on both a professional and personal level. Feedback from those attending included:

“Absolutely brilliant, empowers and provides vision”
“Changed my thinking and mindset – refreshed why I do my job”
“Empowered me to keep going forward”, and
“I have learnt a lot to implement within my job role and personal life.”

I have had the pleasure of hearing Peter speak on several occasions and have always been impressed by his ability to motivate and inspire his audience. Peter shares his knowledge and expertise in a really interesting way, which captures people's attention from start to finish.

Amanda Noble, Founder, Care Quality Matters

Informative and thought provoking

Peter led a joint member event for CIMA and ILM and delivered a very informative and thought provoking session in an incredibly personable and engaging manner. With tools and concepts that honed in on personal career development, relationship and team development and 'individual branding', all particpants left with a 'take-away' of individual actions. An excellent presentation, demonstrating just a small sample of the work Peter does in organisations.

Julie Rowlett, Business Development Manager HEI, ILM

One of the best I've seen

I was fortunate enough to attend a talk that Peter recently gave on 'Embracing Change'.
Apart from the fact that Peter is clearly an expert in his field, I was most impressed with the approach he took to the topic, how incredibly well he was able to capture the attention of a diverse range of stakeholders and the sheer energy and enthusiasm he brought.

Without question one of the very best public speakers I have ever seen and one that leaves a very positive lasting impression.

Alex Cottrell, Marketing Manager, The Growth Hub

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