Increase my influence

Working with others gets results

The Latin root of the word influence means to be "in flow."

Great leaders understand the difference between influence and control. It may seem strange but you have to be willing to let go of control to have influence.

It's a sense of connection that builds cooperation and collaboration.

How we can help

When you can confidently connect what you can contribute with people who would benefit, you become more attractive to others and more influential.

We help you better understand and articulate who you are and what you have to offer others.

At the same time, we show you how to identify and strengthen relationships with your key stakeholders.

After that, influencing becomes natural and easy.


Less than one third of people
would actually say they enjoy their work


Most executives say keeping new hires
is an issue in their organizations


Almost three quarters of employees
do not trust their manager

Possibilities do become reality

Peter has been one of the key influences in my personal career progression. Without him and his coaching expertise, I would not have developed the confidence and belief that I could reach the level I am now at. When I first met him as part of a high potential programme in Royal Mail, my ambition only extended to reaching a senior manager position in my profession. As a result of the initial work we did together he helped me better understand, and survive in, the corporate landscape, and also to think bigger. Involvement in his young leaders network also helped me to ground my increasing self-awareness and become the leader I now am. I will be forever grateful to him for allowing me to open my eyes and for the belief that possibilities do become reality.

Nicola Dunne, Chief Procurement Officer, UK SBS

How can we help?

A conversation with us will simply be focused on you and your needs.

No hard sell. No false promises. Only a helpful discussion and possible options for you to consider.

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